I want to install Solar Panels. What do I need to do?

Attend the Solar Grid Connect course listed on this website and then apply to the Clean Energy Council (CEC) for accreditation. Details on how to apply are discussed in detail throughout the course.

Do I need to be a licensed electrician to install solar panels?

Technical no but the prerequisite subjects required to attend the course are embedded in the electrical trade and we don’t offer them as separate subjects here at NECA Training. This means we can only accept electricians or apprentices that have completed the certificate III in electrotechnology but haven’t received their proficiency certificate yet.

The exact wording on ASQAs website for the prerequisites is:

  • UEENEEE104A -Solve problems in d.c. circuits
  • UEENEEE137A -Document and apply measures to control OHS risks associated with electrotechnology work and
  • UEENEEE108A -Lay wiring/cabling and terminate accessories for extra-low voltage (ELV) circuits or
  • UEENEEG106A – Terminate cables, cords and accessories for low voltage circuits

Note: Those holding an Unrestricted Electrician’s Licence or equivalent issued in an Australian State or Territory meet the pre-requisite requirements of this unit.


I’m an engineer, can I complete the Grid Connect course and Design and Install solar panels?

Anyone can attend our training and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course but a person can only receive a statement of attainment and be officially qualified if they meet the prerequisite requirements stated in the previous point.

Are NECA Training offering a battery storage course?