Our position in the telecommunications and electrical industry. We are the industry peak body.


The year NECA was established. You can rest assured NECA training will be around to continue training future generations.


The number of NECA members. Our member engagement ensures training meets the needs of industry.


The number of people employed by contractors that are NECA members.


The number of states and territories our qualifications are recognised in.


The year NECA started employing apprentices. Our apprentice intake has been steadily increasing every year.


The number of NECA apprentices. This gives us the ability to identify skills gaps that feed back into improved training.


The amount of profit NECA Training retains. All revenue goes back into the development of training.

NECA Training and Apprenticeships specialise in Electrical and Telecommunications training.

NECA Training and Apprenticeships was founded to promote the employment of young people into the Electrical trade. Apprentices are employed by NECA, with training being provided by host employers. NECA has a long history in the electrical industry and has trained thousands of apprentices.

NECA Electrical Apprenticeships is a not-for-profit group training company that employs over 750 apprentices in NSW, QLD and the ACT. NECA EA is owned by the National and Electrical Communications Association (NECA), providing apprentices with the full range of work available in the electrical industry. This ensures that the apprentices receive the broad experience needed to complete their trade and pursue careers that align with their areas of interest. NECA Electrical Apprenticeships is part of a national network of NECA businesses that supports the electrical industry in all Australian states and territories.

NECA Training:’NECA has been operating since 1916. You can rest assured NECA Training will be around to continue training future generations. As the industry peak body, NECA has direct access to 5300 members, industry, employers, and regulators. These stakeholders provide direct input into training outcomes. This ensures training is current, relevant and meets the needs of the industry. These improved skills feedback into better workplace outcomes and improved productivity. This gives NECA Training hands-on experience with apprentices and employers and identifies skills gaps that feedback into improved training. NECA Training is a not for profit organisation.’​

Meet the team

Tom Emeleus

General Manager

Son Trinh

Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Ellis

Manager, Projects and Governance

Brad Hoffman

Operations Manager, NSW Apprenticeships

Mark Wood

Branch Manager, QLD Apprenticeships

David Gilbert

NSW Operations Manager, RTO - Training

Business Innovation Manager

Business Development Manager

Beverley Hewer

Payroll Manager