Is The Training Available To Non-Members?

Yes. In fact 80% of our enrolments are non-members.


What Should I Do If I’m Sick And Cannot Attend Training?

Please leave a message on our ‘Leave a Message’ form and let us know you’re not coming. Our admin staff check the inbox every morning and will notify the trainer.


Can I Mix And Match Courses?

FLEXIBLE PACKAGES – Create your own training package. Select any 2 half day training courses to create a full days training. (Minimum numbers apply)


If I Have A Large Group Can I Organise My Own Course Dates?

GROUP BOOKINGS – Custom sessions can be organised for group bookings (minimum group sizes apply). Please leave a message using our ‘Contact Us’ form and we’ll get back to you.


What Is The USI (Unique Student Identifier)? Do I Need It To Enrol? Where And How Do I Get It?

For more information on how to get a USI and what it is CLICK HERE.


What’s The Course Date? Do You Have More Dates After That One?

Click on the ‘Dates and Booking’ button inside the course description to view the available dates. If the dates available are not suitable for you please leave a message using the contact form and we’ll notify you of the next course dates when they’re published.


I’m A NECA Member. Do I Get A Discount For Training Courses?

Not at this point in time.


When Do I Need To Pay For My Training?

Training MUST be paid for before attending a course. Invoices under $1500 are required to be fully paid one week prior to the course commencement. Invoices over $1500 are required to be fully paid on the training commencement date.


Do You Have Other Training Centres In Different Locations?

We currently have 2 locations:

  • 122 Hume Highway, Chullora NSW
  • 49 Tennant Street, Fyshwick ACT

Training in other states is managed by other NECA chapters. Please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page for details.


Do You Offer Onsite Training?

Not normally. All our specialised equipment and computer rooms are set up in our training centre so it needs to remain on site. We have large scale commercial clients that we deliver on-site training for but these are arranged with them on a contract basis.

What Do I Need To Do To Become An ASP?

There are 5 basic steps:

  1. Complete the training with us
  2. Set up your safe systems of work
  3. Apply to the Department of Industry to be accredited as an ASP
  4. Purchase all the required safety, rescue and work equipment
  5. Apply with the Electricity Distributors (eg Ausgrid, Endeavour, Essential) to work as an ASP on their network

For more detailed information on the ASP requirements click on the link for a printable version of the Department of Industry ASP-Application-Form-and-Scheme-Rules

What Is ASP – Statutory Training?

Statutory training is your basic safety training for working on the electricity network. It is not required when first submitting your application to become an ASP with the Department of Industry however it is a requirement before being allowed to work on the electricity distributors network ie Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy. Normally people enrol in the statutory training at the same time as the rest of the ASP training.

Can I Be Class 2B (Underground) And Class 2C (Overhead ) ASP Accredited Only?

Yes. The rules allow you to apply for any Level 2 ASP class independently. You don’t have to complete the Class 2D (Energising Service Equipment) to be eligible for Class 2C (Overhead) or Class 2B (Underground).

Is There A Specific Order That I Need To Follow To Complete All ASP Level 2 Classes?

Yes. You must complete the ‘Core’ units and ‘Statutory’ training before being eligible to attend Class 2B (Underground) and/or Class 2C (Overhead) training. We offer all the components on a rotating roster so there’ll be training for the class you want within the next few weeks. Click on the ‘DATES AND BOOKINGS’ button on the course page for the next available dates.

Do I Pay Less If I Enrol In All Level 2 ASP Classes And Do The Combined Training (2B+2C+2D)? What Is The Difference?

No. You don’t save any money. There are core units of training that repeat themselves throughout all 3 classes so you’re only required to complete them once. This is why the combined course appears cheaper at first glance. If you only attend one class and come back for another class at a later date you will only be required to complete the ‘gap’ training to complete the class. For example; If you complete Class 2B now and come back for Class 2C later you’ll only need to sit for 4 days training not 7.

Do I Need To Complete The Online Registration Form Again For Every ASP Class?

No. Just complete the online registration for one class (eg Class 2B) and leave a message in the comments field that you want to add more classes (eg Statutory and Class 2C). We’ll do the rest.

I am thinking of doing the course: Disconnect / Reconnect – but am I eligible to get the restricted electrical licence?

In terms of enrolling in our course, there are no entry requirements so you can definitely do our course and complete the units.

However we are unable to advise on whether NSW Fair Trading will approve your application for a restricted license or not – it really depends on each individual situation and it is something you will need to clarify with them directly, as they make the decision on licensing.

We can tell you that they will base their decision on the eligibility criteria published on their website, and also based on the answers you give on their application form – a link to both of these are on our website. Here are the links: Eligibility Criteria and Application form


I am thinking of doing the course: Disconnect / Reconnect – but I only need one of the units – can I enrol in just 1 unit?

No, we deliver this course as a clustered program. Think of it as a 3 for 1 course as it takes the same amount of time to teach you the process for 1 application as it does for 3. You will need to attend all days of training and on the last day you will be assessed in all 3 applications.