Transparent and Honest
Our prices and information are transparent and available on the this website. Be wary of organisations that don’t have this information freely available.

Specialists in Electrical and Telecommunications Training
NECA training will not compromise on standard and ensure you walk away from our courses confident you have gained the skills you need.

Trainers ‘In Touch’
Our trainers are all from industry and continue to work in industry. This keeps our training relevant and our trainers up to date with industry changes.

Train With Someone You Can Trust
NECA Training is a not-for-profit entity owned by your industry association. NECA Has been operating continuously since 1916.

Cost Neutral
We’re self sufficient and don’t need to be continuously subsidised like a public training provider, saving tax payer dollars. Any surplus revenue we earn goes back into building better training.

Relevant Training
Being an Industry association allows us to ‘keep our finger on the pulse’ and adapt to the needs of industry. We’re actively engaged with stakeholders in the electrical and telecommunications industries.

Smart Meter +
Working Near Powerlines

The Smart meter qualification (UEENEEG171A) allows you to install smart meters (type 1 to 4) as a sub-contractor for one of the approved metering providers. Not as a sole trader.

Business + Estimating

This course is for people that have experience in the electrical industry but have never gone in business for themselves.

Capstone Training for Apprentices

This course is ideal for apprentices that have completed the rest of the certificate 3 but are having difficulty with the Capstone assessment.

Electrical / Industry

This course is ideal for electrical contractors that want to ensure all staff are refreshed on electrical safety rules and practices.

Solar Grid Connect

This course is suitable for electricians who want to install solar panels and connect back to the grid.


This course is suitable for individuals who undertake basic testing, circuit building, and evaluation of cable and wireless devices, and who may work in domestic, commercial or industrial situations.