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emPOWER is designed for Aboriginal people. It opens up amazing opportunities in electrical apprenticeships.

You’ll do group work and make friends as you learn.

emPOWER is all about giving you the skills and confidence to be recruited as an apprentice electrician.

We want you to succeed. In this program, we all work together.



Dylan Narsamma left school in Year 10 and reckons he started going down the wrong track.
While he was doing some basic foundation studies at TAFE NSW Eora, one of the teachers noticed he was ‘pretty OK’ at maths.

“He said I could try out this pre-apprenticeship program,” says Dylan.

“At TAFE I fitted in. I wasn’t treated as a child, and that helped me.

“When I finished the course, I had interviews with all companies, and was offered a load of apprenticeships. I took up the job with NECA.”

Dylan is now a third-year apprentice, and is currently working on a sub-station at St George Hospital. He loves his career, and is powering up for the future.

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