NECA Training is in a unique position to make a significant contribution to electrical industry training.

Here are some facts:

  • NECA has been operating since 1916. You can rest assured NECA training will be around to continue training future generations.
  • NECA qualifications are recognised anywhere in Australia.
  • As the industry peak body NECA has direct access to 4000 members, industry, employers groups and regulators. These stakeholders provide direct input into training outcomes. This ensures training is current, relevant and meets the needs of industry. These improved skills feed back into better workplace outcomes and improved productivity.
  • NECA Training and Apprenticeships employs over 600 apprentices. This gives NECA Training hands-on experience with apprentices and employers and the ability to identify skills gaps that feed back into improved training.
  • NECA Training is a not for profit organisation. All proceeds from fees charged for courses go back into the development of training.

NECA training is a great conduit for electrical skills, training and apprenticeships and will play a pivotal role in the industry over the next few years and beyond.

Tom Emeleus

Tom Emeleus

General Manager, NECA Training and Apprenticeships

Tom has many years of practical experience within the electro-technology and electrical supply industries, focusing on vocational training. He is a qualified electrical engineer and has a Masters in Engineering Management. Tom has held senior management positions in project management, engineering, infrastructure development, human resources and technical training. Tom represents industry as a director on several boards responsible for vocational training at State and National levels.

Brad Hoffman

Brad Hoffman

Operations Manager, NECA Apprenticeships NSW

Bradley is responsible for the recruitment, employment and ensuring the training outcomes of each apprentice is met. If you wish to speak with Bradley regarding training, employment or hosting of a NECA Electrical Apprenticeships apprentice,

Andrew Loukopoulos

Andrew Loukopoulos

Operations Manager, NECA Training

Andrew is a qualified electrician with experience in HV installations and advanced protection systems.
He has been active in electrical training since 2007 and has chaired various technical advisory committees since 2010.
Andrew is currently a member of the certificate 3 electro-technology technical advisory committee.

Brett McIntyre

Branch Manager, NECA Apprenticeships ACT

Brett is a qualified Electrician with many years experience in electrical contracting and training. As Field Officer for NECA EA in the ACT, he is able to assist with any apprentices inquiries that you have.

Mark Wood

Branch Manager, NECA Apprenticeships QLD

Mark is a qualified Electrician with many years experience across different disciplines of the electro-technology industry. His primary responsibilities are the recruitment, employment and placement of apprentices in QLD.

Patrick Stabback

Operations Manager, NECA Apprenticeships QLD

Patrick is a qualified electrician with many years experience in electrical contracting and group training. Having well trained apprentices that meet the needs of electrical contracting companies in Queensland is Patrick?s expertise.